Asrorinur.blogspot.com is to review the site include a collection of tutorials and articles about the world of IT. This site is a personal site that Insha Allah this site useful as me personally, because I'm sure If I give the knowledge to others, God willing, I will get more than a virtue. In terms of knowledge will grow and be useful if we want to share knowledge to others.

As a Web Site Link, we try to provide some freeware software and a collection of some of the software driver. Based on the experience that I often experienced was the difficulty in obtaining driver software netbook, notbook, matherboard and other driver software. I'll try to add a collection of freeware software.

As a website tutorial, here I will personally provide a tutorial to do with a computer or learning about computers. Every week I will present a tutorial as much as possible and try to release routine, so that the visitors as a new tutorial.

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